AE Make Up for Sexy Diva’s

Diva Make Up 1

A new Beautification Station has arrived at Adam n Eve chock full of eye make up for sexy diva’s and some soft lip stains in pretty shades.

The make up should work with many skins and has tattoo layers for the SL Classic Avatar and a HUD with appliers for Slink.

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Diva Make Up 2

Beautification Station

AE Beautificantion Station Face

AE Beautificantion Station Body

There are two brand new Beautification Stations at AE For make up, vajazzles and body glitter. All of the new items are compatible with the Classic SL Avatar and Slink Mesh Body and Heads now that SLink have released all the amazing new features on their mesh body part products.

You can read all about it at Slink

Sachi Face Glitter

Glitter Sexy 2

Role Play Disaster!


One of the things that I missed the most was being clean, really clean. That fresh tingling feeling that you got when you just had a shower and put on soft, crisp clean clothes. Showers were a long distant memory. It made me incredibly sad when I remembered the abundance of water our planet had once had and how it had been raped and sqaundered to the point of being so precious a shower was simply out of the question.

I glanced in the old, cracked mirror as I rose to take my turn on night duty, watching the one remaining natural spring in our whole sector. As I looked at my reflection I remembered the face that had once stared back at me, the face which was now dirty and scarred. If the raiders come tonight for the water, we’ll kick their ass..

These appliers for AE Taliya Skin and Slink Mesh Head include dirty and clean faces, scar and bloody nose. Click here for a TP and check out the demo!

Also new lipstick 6 pack huds for Taliya and Shona applier skins!

Shona Applier for Slink Mesh Head


Shona is a hot new skin with applier HUD for Slink Visage Mesh Heads. The purchase includes a bare skin plus a HUD with appliers for bare, eye liner and closed eyes options, matte or gloss lip, freckles, and moles. There is also a choice of brown or black eyebrows!

An extensive make up HUD will be available as an add on purchase soon.

Why not TP over and check out a demo?

Taliya by Adam n Eve

Taliya Skin with Appliers for Slink Mesh Head

Taliya is a new skin/applier for SLink combo from Adam n Eve. She comes with a skin, cleavage options and basic HUD which includes matt & gloss lips, closed eyes, bare eyes and eyeliner plus some extra freckles, mole & sunkissed nose.

An extensive make up HUD will be available as an add on purchase soon.

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